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Book Collection

Tianjin Library currently houses a collection of 7.26 million books, including 6.06 million Chinese and foreign language books, 530,000 Chinese ancient books, 510,000 bound volumes of Chinese-Western newspapers and 150,000 audio-visual materials.
    1、Over 8,000 species of rare books, among which 2563 were listed in the National Bibliography of Chinese Rare Books. Such as the block-printed edition of Tanghu Shigao (See Photo 1) by Chen’s bookstore in South Song dynasty, written by Yue Ke, grandchild of Song military general Yue Fei, was the only one in China. And there are more than 700 movable type printing books, mainly donated by famous bibliophile Zhou Shutao, in the library.
    2、Over 3,600 local chronicles documents. These materials were based on the local records Tianchunyuan mainly donated by Ren Fengbao, the bibliophile, and gradually took shape through continuous collection and further extension, among which are Chorography of Liaodong (See Photo 2) of Ming dynasty in the reign of Jiajing Emperor and Chorography of Xuzhou (See Photo 3) during the reign of Emperor Wanli.


(Photo 1)Tanghu Shigao


(Photo 2)

Chorography of Liaodong


(Photo 3)

Chorography of Xuzhou


(Photo 4)

manuscript of Da Tong Shu

    3、Historical materials of modern and contemporary Chinese history and Tianjin local history. For example, I Che Pao (Social Welfare Tientsin, from start publication to stop) and Peking and Tientsin Times (English version, from 1890 to 1948), Yuan Shikai’s Yangshouyuan Zou Yi and Kang Youwei’s manuscript of Da Tong Shu (The Book of Great Harmony, See Photo 4). All of them are precious historical materials.
    4、Documents and materials of revolution period. For example, works of Mao Zedong and Zhu De, early translations and works of Bo Gu and early works of Zhou Enlai (Jing Ting Jv Liu Ji, or Taken into Police Custody, See Photo 5 and Xi’ou De Chi Kuang, or Deflation in Western Europe), etc.


(Photo 5)Jing Ting Jv Liu Ji