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Entry Notice

♦  The library is open to the public.

♦  Please pay attention to personal appearance. Don’t wear vest, slippers or nail shoes.

♦  Please put the bag and other things into the storage box, and then enter the borrowing and reading area.

♦  Please take books away after you complete borrowing procedure. If not, it will be handled according to relevant regulations.

♦  Please keep quiet. Don’t speak loudly or use voice communication tools in the reading area.

♦  lease protect the documents and all the public property. Damage shall be compensated according to the relevant regulation.

♦  No smoking or fire in the library. Don’t bring flammable or explosive things into the library.

♦  Please keep the library clean. Don’t eat in the reading area. Please don’t spit or litter.

♦  Please follow the rules in the library and support library staff’s management.