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Borrowing Rules

1. With the Tianjin Library Reader's Card, readers can borrow then return books, periodicals in Tianjin Library, and enjoy the same services in districts and counties’ public libraries. Common document resources in our library are also free to read at spot. With valid IDs, readers can read all kinds of ordinary library resources at the library. Readers who older than 18 can use the electronic reading room with their 2nd generation IDs. Reader’s cards with children’s literature borrowing services can only be used at the children’s service area of Cultural Center Museum, where the entrances of children require the accompanying of parents.

2. The materials of the library can be borrowed for a period of 30 days and this period can be renewed 1 times. Library will charge for the overdue Chinese books at the price of 0.20 yuan/day/book. As for the foreign language books, the overdue fees are 0.50 yuan/day/book.

3. Readers can renew books online according to the rules for online renewal.

4. Readers who have taken out or copy the documents before leaving the borrowing area, please check whether the materials are damaged (folded, drawn, punctuated, wrote, tore, etc.), defaced or missing pages. If so, please reach to the staff on time. The staff will make relevant treatment to the materials, which can be lent or copied later. If the materials returned by readers are damaged,defaced, or defected, which were not confirmed by the staff when borrowing, such situations will be handled according to the library’s rules of readers compensation .

5. Do not take the materials that were not completed the borrowing or copying procedures out of the borrowing area without authorization, or such behaviors will be treated as stealing, which will cause a cancellation of the qualification of reader card application or will be dealt according to the “Security Administration Punishment Law”.

6. Do not talk out loud, pick up the phone, or eat in the borrowing areas of the library.

7. Please follow the other regulations of different borrowing areas.

Compensation rules for Readers’ damage or loss of materials

1. When borrowing materials from library, readers must check the original materials. If readers found that the materials were defaced, missed pages, they should promptly inform the staff, or they will responsible for compensation.

2. Ordinary Chinese and foreign books are defaced, which does not affect normal reading: the compensation will be charged at 20% of the original price.

3. Ordinary Chinese and foreign books are lost or the books are seriously defaced, which affect normal reading. The compensation will be charged at one to three times of the books’ original price according to the real situation.

4. Precious and extinct books and periodicals are defaced or lost. The compensation will be determined by the value of those materials.

5. For those who intentionally destroy the materials (such as cutting, tearing, replacing, etc.), the compensation will be determined by the real damage level of the materials; relevant departments will also step in and deal with the issue in accordance with the People's Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law.

6. for those who steal the materials, relevant departments will deal with them according to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Penalties for Public Security.

7. In any case, the materials that were damaged by readers will be reverted to the library after compensation.

8. If the RFID electronic chips are lost or artificially damaged, readers must pay 5 yuan for chip’s data replication and processing.