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Inherit Tianjin Culture   Assist the Almsdeed of Donation

Welcome people from all circles to donate works of Tianjin celebrities and Tianjin local literatures to the Tianjin Library

Dear friends from all circles caring for the Tianjin Library:
  Founded in 1908, Tianjin library is a large provincial public library of great popularity both at home and abroad. Tianjin library has always been famous for its long history, rich collections, and thoughtful service. After the painstaking efforts and hard search of several generations for nearly a century, the library’s collection scale is constantly growing and the features of the collection is getting increasingly distinct. By the end of 2003, there has been more than 3.7 million collections (books) of literatures, among which the collections of some subject categories have reached the research level; besides, special collections of ancient Tianjin local records as well as the collections of Tianjin local literatures after the founding of the Republic of China and the founding of new China attract the attention of the researchers in literature and history.
  After entering the new period of reform and opening up, the Tianjin library has constantly strengthened the construction of automation, networking and digitization, and opened up a new situation in the service for readers, with remarkable results. It has won the honorary titles of “Reader's Favorite Library”, “National Advanced Cultural Collectives” and “Tianjin Civilized Unit”, etc. It has also been named as “Library of Class A” by the National Ministry of Culture.
  Up to now, as the city’s largest public cultural facility, Tianjin Library has been actively expanding the social and cultural functions of the library according to the requirements of municipal Party committee and municipal government, in order to improve the quality of citizens’ cultural life. We look forward to the concerted efforts of people from all circles caring for the Tianjin Library, to further enrich the local literature collection of the library, and make these literature play a proper role in the great-leap-forward development of Tianjin. Tianjin, located in the side of the Haihe River, is a place propitious for giving birth to great men and a multitude of heroes. So to inherit Tianjin culture and assist the almsdeed of donation are our bounden duties. We sincerely welcome people from all circles to donate works of Tianjin celebrities and Tianjin local literatures to the Tianjin Library.
  For each donation, according to the Detailed rules of the Tianjin Library for the acceptance of donated local literatures (details attached), we express gratitude and appreciation to people from all circles caring and supporting social welfare charity.
    For the future of Tianjin, our common hometown, let’s assume the historical responsibility of inheriting Tianjin culture and propagating Tianjin civilization!

Tianjin Library