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Detailed rules of the Tianjin Library for the acceptance of donated local literatures

In the 100 years history of Tianjin library, donation from all circles is an important way for the library to obtain document literatures. We have consistently encouraged all circles of society to donate document literatures to the library. In order to continue to do a good job in literature donation, we hereby announce the detailed rules for the literature donation of the library as follows:

A. Acceptable donations of bibliographic ranges

Valuable and rare books at home and abroad, maps, golden-stoned rubbings, books with masters’ annotations and revision, masters’ scripts, revolutionary historical documents, etc. These kinds of literatures owe high preservation and research values, and are fully accepted. The library will focus on the collections of any other literature varieties which are not collected in the library or literatures with small amounts of duplications.

a.“Jin-Gu Library”: Personal writings, biographies, manuscripts, diaries, pictures, and various literatures and materials with personal characteristics of Tianjin local people and celebrities stationed in Tianjin who has achieved certain academic achievements and have certain influence in certain fields.
    b. Tianjin local literatures: Document literatures in various forms of carriers which reflect the social, political, economic and cultural development of both ancient and modern Tianjin and have certain historical values.
    c. Others: Other literatures which donors think valuable and should be public collections.

B.Collecting methods of donated literatures:

a. Donated literatures which conform to the collection standards of this library and have not been collected by the library will be added as official collections and permanently preserved.
    b. Donated literatures which conform to the collection standards of this library but have already been collected by the library, while collected duplications are not enough, will be added as official or temporary collections according to the requirements for the number of duplications and the service life of literatures. Temporary collections are available for short-term borrowing by readers, and will be removed or transferred to other literature use entities after reaching the required years.
    c. In the event that the library has collected sufficient duplications or literatures donated do not belong to the collection ranges of the library, the library will return them to the donors or transfer them to other literature use entities when permitted or deemed permitted by the donors.
    d. In principle, we refuse to accept books with questionable publication information (such as books inconsistent with the CIP number published by the Chinese version libraries of General Administration of Press and Publication, books mechanically applying ISBN numbers of others, books with Taiwan or Hong Kong book numbers but were published in the mainland, etc.).

C. Request for the acceptance of donations:

a. Authors or donors are required to sign or affix their seals on the donated literatures.
    b. If convenient, please provide personal award certificates copies of authors or donors(Voluntary).

D. Award methods of donation

a. We will grand Donation Certificate to literature donors, and regularly publish information of donations on the Tianjin Library website to publicize the charity of donors.
    b. We will also grand Tianjin Library Honorary Librarian Certificate to donors donating a large amount of literatures with higher value. If necessary, we will set up special shelves or rooms to collect these collections, and to report and publicize through the press.
    c. The later generations of donors are entitled to the free reading, photo taking and reproduction of the donated literatures by Donation Certificates;
    d. Literatures collected in the “Jin-Gu Library” will be permanently preserved in the Tianjin Library so as to commemorate.
    e. At the appropriate time, we will hold the exhibition for donated literatures to give praises to donors.

E.Contact information of donations

Anyone interested in public welfare and having the intention to donate literatures to the Tianjin Library, please contact the Propaganda and Counselling Department of the Tianjin Library.

Telephone number: (022) 83883645   Contact: Ma Liang
    Address: Propaganda and Counselling Department, Tianjin Library, Culture Center, Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin
    Zip code: 300201

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