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General Questions

1. What are the opening hours of Tianjin Library?
    Tianjin Library is open all year around. Please see “Basic service>>Service guide>>Opening hours” for specific opening hours.
    The opening hours on national statutory holidays (New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, International Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day): 9:00-16:00.
    2. Where is Tianjin Library?
    The address of Tianjin Library (Cultural Center Branch) is No.58 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin Municipality. Located at Tianjin Cultural Center, Cultural Center Branch neighbors on Tianjin Museum, Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin Grand Theater and Tianjin Galaxy Mall.
    The address of Tianjin Library (Fukang Road Branch) is No.15 Fukang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin Municipality. Located at the southwest end of downtown Tianjin, Fukang Road Branch neighbors on Tianjin Water Park, Nankai University, Zhou Deng Memorial Hall, Tianjin Archives and Tianjin First Center Hospital.
    The address of Tianjin Library (Haihe Education Park Branch) is No.1 Xinhui Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin Municipality. Located at the center of Haihe Education Park, Haihe Education Park Branch is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and a rich academic atmosphere.
    3. How can I get to Tianjing Library by bus?
    Conveniently located, Tianjin Library can be easily reached by several buses. Please see “Basic service>>Service Guide>>Transportation direction for more details.
    4. Where can I learn the news of the Library?
    Please visit “News>>News brief” on the official website to check the latest news released by Tianjin Library and click on the headlines to see more information.