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Borrowing Questions

1. Is there a time limit for the publication(s) I borrow from the Library?
    Publications in the Library can be borrowed for 30 days and can be renewed for another 30 days before the first term is over. For any overdue borrowed publication, an overdue service fee of 0. 2 yuan will be charged per day. For any overdue foreign language book, however, an overdue service fee of 0. 5 yuan per day will be charged.
    2. Can I renew the item(s) of the Library collections online?
    Readers that have a TJL Reader Card can renew their item(s) online. Online Renewal is automatically available and readers can start to renew after logging onto the site with the account number and the initial login code (the last 7 digits of the reader card account number). An item may be renewed online only before it are due. Once an item is overdue, it may not be renewed online. Any item can be renewed online once only. The 30-day renewal will be calculated from the date of renewal.
    3. Do you provide online e-reading services?
    “Instructions for Online Reading Code:
    (1) Log on to the Tianjin Library website via computers, click "Online Reading" in the section of “Online Reading Code” to enter.
    (2) Readers holding TJLD-titled cards can click “submit” to enter the system with their card number as the username and the preset system password.
    (3) To secure online reading services and to prevent from the misuse of username and password, please change the default password into a private security password immediately after initial login into the system.
    (4) To finish reading, do please click "Log Out". Do not close the main login window directly
    4. Can I use free internet in the library?
    There is a "Digital Resources Area “on the fourth floor of the Cultural Center Library and an “E-Reading Room” on the second floor of the Fukang Road Library. Readers can access free internet there for 2 hours with their second-generation ID card.
    5. Can I borrow the books or materials from the General Reading Room of Basic Collection?
    Books from the Chinese Classic Books Collection including reserved copies can only be read within the library and are not for borrowing.
    6. Can I bring my own books here to read?
    Readers can only read their own books in the self-study area but not other reading rooms.
    7. Do you have a collection of the Photocopied Materials of Newspapers and Periodicals of Renmin University of China (RUC)?
    We have collections in two forms: book collections published between 1980 and 1994 are kept in the Chinese Journal Reading Room. Readers can also search in our subscribed "Renmin University Information Release System (full text database)”.
    8. How to access newspapers and periodicals before the P.R.C foundation?
    To look for newspapers and periodicals published before 1949, readers should go through reading procedures in the Ancient Books Reading Room at the Historical Documents Department.
    9. How to access newspapers and periodicals after the P.R.C foundation?
    TJL Newspapers and Periodicals Department owns a collection of publications after 1949. When there is open access for all Chinese and foreign periodicals and newspapers of the year, please fill out the call slip and then contact the staff for access.
    10. Can I read newspapers without a Borrowing Card?
    Readers without a TJL borrowing card can read Chinese newspapers in the Chinese Newspapers Reading Room with valid documents.
    11. What if borrowed materials were lost?
    Lost books are compensated at the circulation desk. Readers may either buy an identical one for replacement with another 10% fee or compensate directly by paying an indemnity of 1 time the original price of the book. Readers are allowed to borrow other books after the compensation.