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Other Questions

1. How to file a complaint or give advice for library services?
    Readers with good suggestions and comments can report to the head of the External Services Department or staff at the service window. They may also submit written ones at the Comprehensive Consultation Desk of the Cultural Center Library. Criticisms and advice are all welcomed to better our services.
    2. What procedures are required for private or institutional book donations?
    Tianjin Library all along welcomes social or private book donations including personal works, private collections, personal transcripts or writings and publications from relatives and friends, as well as celebrity manuscripts, calligraphy and paintings, genealogies, institutional publications and other forms of formal or informal publications. For book donation, please contact the Publicity and Counseling Department.
    Tel: 83883645
    3. Are Tianjin Library and Tianjin Book Building the same institution and located in the same place?
    Tianjin Library is a social welfare institution affiliated to Tianjin Bureau of Culture, Radio, and Television. It is a place to provide social education for all Tianjin Residents and borrowing services for all kinds of literature. The Fukang Road Venue is located at No. 15 Fukang Road, the Cultural Center Venue is at No.58 Pingjiang Road, Hexi District and the Haihe Education Park Library is at No. 1 Xinhui Road, Haihe Education Park in Jinnan District. The Tianjin Book Building at Dayingmen, Xiaobailou of Heping District is a comprehensive bookstore affiliated to Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication. It is located in the small white building in the peaceful area Big business area.
    4. Are there any disabled-friendly facilities?
    TJL Library Cultural Center Venue is equipped with a service area for visually-impaired readers with a collection of Braille books and audio-visual materials. Readers can access the materials with a TJL Reader Card or Disability Certificate.
    5. Do you host free public lectures?
    Currently we have a number of free cultural lectures such as the "Haihe River Forum", "Haijin Podium", "Music Lecture Hall", "Digital Library Depth Tour", "Living Room for Literature and History of the Republic of China". Readers are welcomed to participate.
    6. Do you provide places for self-study?
    All three venues of TJL provide readers with places for self-study.
    7. I often see your library holding various exhibitions, any more introduction about that?
    Tianjin Library Exhibition is based on book promotion combined with education about facts. In recent years, exhibition in paintings, calligraphy, popular science, outcomes etc. have been held, forming a unique brand for readers’ activities.
    Tel: 83883642