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Joint Consultation

Consultation scope: responses to intellectual questions of various kinds, inquiry of e-document resources and online document delivery service.
    Chinese Library Reference and Consultation Association is a social welfare service organization co-founded by Chinese public, education and technology libraries under the direction of the National Center of National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project. It aims at providing free online reference and consultation and long-distance document delivery services for the public based on the collection resources of digital libraries and the abundant information resources on and various searching techniques of the Internet
    “Chinese Library Reference and Consultation Association owns a Chinese language digital repository group of the largest scale in China that entails 1,200,000 e-books, more than 40,000,000 journal articles, 3,000,000 doctoral papers, 300,000 conference papers, 5,000,000 foreign journal articles , 70,000 publications of national standards and industry standards, 860,000 patent specifications and local document databases and featured repositories of enormous size established by nationwide public libraries, offering various types of services such as online form consultation, literature consultation, phone consultation and online real-time consultation
    “As a member of Chinese Library Reference and Consultation Association that operates resource sharing and free service policies, Tianjin Public Library Reference and Consultation Service Center offers you online consultation service of 13 hours (8:00 -- 21:00) every day.
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