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• The bibliographic data research center of Tianjin Coordination Committee for Library and information work (abbreviated as “Collecting and Editing Center”), established on the basis of the editorial department of Tianjin Library and, is a business organization that mainly develops the computer bibliographic data service for the local library automation development. As the Tianjin sub center of National Library Union Catalogue Center and one of the main sponsors of the China Regional Libraries Network, this center aims to organize and manage union cataloging of libraries within the boundaries of Tianjin, and use the concepts and technical means of advanced libraries to integrate the bibliographic data resources of all kinds of local libraries at various levels; taking Tianjin Library as the center, further to realize the co construction and sharing of local bibliographic data resources, to reduce cataloging costs for member libraries and users, and to improve quality and efficiency of cataloguing. Finally upload local bibliographic data and collections to National Library Union Catalogue Center and the China Regional Libraries Network, in order to realize the nationwide co construction and sharing of data resources.
    • As a non-profit organization, the center is based on the Tianjin Library, the National Library Cataloging Center, the China Regional Libraries Network, and all member libraries. After nearly twenty years of work practice, the ranks of the editorial center members are developing steadily. During this period, nearly one hundred member libraries have signed the agreements of book procurement and bibliographic data making with the center, industries involved covering all local public libraries at all levels, libraries of secondary schools, colleges and universities, and libraries of enterprises and institutions, etc. Every member library is playing an increasingly significant role in the work of Tianjin Editorial Center.
    • The center provides the bibliographic data service based on the collecting and editing combined operation mechanism. After many years of the practical work, there are a number of professional and rich professional personnel with excellent business and rich experience in cataloging and indexing. Relying on the ALEPH library automation integrated system of Israel Alipechy Co. Ltd., bibliography data retrieval service for each member library can be provided conveniently and quickly, ensuring the data integrity level and the specification of classification and subject indexing.

A. Public Library (21)
Tianjin Library Heping District Library Hebei District Library
Hedong District Library Hexi District Library Hongqiao District Library
Nankai District Library Beichen District Library Xiqing District Library
Dongli District Library Jinnan District Library Wuqing District Library
Hangu District Library Dagang District Library Tanggu District Library
Jinghai County Library Baodi County Library Jixian County Library
Ninghe County Library TEDA Library of Tianjin Development Zone Library for Juveniles and Children of Hebei District
B. School library (33)
Tianjin Transportation Vocational Technical College Technical Corporate College of Tianjin Development Zone Tianjin Education Enrolment Examination Center
Tianjin Managerial Cadre Institute of Political Science and Law Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College Tianjin Administration College
Technical Corporate College of Tianjin TianJin University Library Tianjin Electronic Device Technical School
Tianjin Sputtering System Technical School Tianjin Judicial Police Academy Nankai University Binhai College
Tianjin Radio & TV University Tianjin Institute of Education Sciences Tianjin Institute of Civil Aviation
Tianjin Managerial Cadre Institute of Finance Salinization Department of Tianjin Institute of Light Industry Tianjin Institute of Business
Tianjin Normal University Tianjin Chengjian University Tianjin Institute of foreign trade and economic cooperation
Tianjin Hebei District Corporate College Dongli Middle School Tianjin Twenty-fifth Middle School
Tianjin Twenty-first Middle School Tianjin first middle school Tianjin Development Zone International School Library
Tianjin Thirty-first Middle School Tianjin Experimental High School Tianjin Yaohua Middle School
Binhai Branch of Tianjin Yaohua Middle School Tianjin Yuhong Middle School Tianjin Middle School
C. Libraries of Enterprises and Institutions (37)
59174 Force Tianjin Science & Technology Translation & Publishing Corp. Worker's Hospital of Bohai Petroleum
Petroleum Engineering Design Institute Dagang Petroleum Culture Center Dagang Oilfield Labour Union Library
Tianjin Pipe Company Labour Union Library Tianjin Pipe Company Reference Room of Science and Technology Department Ting Hsin Group Training Center
Agricultural Bank Training Center Tianjin Electric Power Bureau Training Center Worker's Hospital of Tianjin Harbor
Tianjin Hualide Co. Ltd. Petroleum Research Institute TEDA research and studies center of the development zones
Tianjin Soda Plant Tianjin Cigarette Factory Tianjin Mobile Communications Bureau
Tianjin Development Zone Customs Tianjin Salt Manufacturing Institute Information Center of Tianjin Environmental protection science and Technology
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin Medical University Cancer hospital Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao
Tianjin Natural History Museum Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences 707 Institute
The First Survey and Design Institute of Navigation Matters of the Transportation Ministry Tianjin Marine Traffic Engineering Science Institute of the Transportation Ministry Science and Technology Reference Room of the Bohai oil drilling platform
Administration Office of Tianjin Groundwater Resources Tianjin Chemical Research Institute of the Chemical Industry Ministry Tianjin desalination Institute
First engineering company of the First Navigation Matters Engineering Bureau of China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.,CHEC Institute No.8357 of China Aerospace Science and Engineering Group Institute of Automotive Technology Information of China Automotive Technology & Research Center
Engineering Technology Research Institute of China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation