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Founded in March 21st 1979, Library Society of Tianjin (LST) is in its fourth decade. Under the leadership of Tianjin Association for Science and Technology and the instructions and help of Library Society of China (LSC), following the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory and the principle of combining theory with practice, LST endeavors to unit and organize library workers implements a series of general and specific policies of CPC on the prosperous development of library science. Following the direction of devoting to the cause of constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics and serving the Party and the government as well as the readers, LST has organized various academic activities centered on its core work. With the organization of such activities, Tianjin library industry and library work achieved remarkable progress and the academic research level is constantly improving with gains in R&D fruits of relatively high level. In addition, a quality library team has been cultivated and a group of domain leaders with solid basic knowledge and innovative spirits emerges. All of these contribute greatly to promoting social prosperity and progress and constructing socialist physical and spiritual civilization. Every progress of LST, from the establishment to the development and expansion, was the result of support from the whole Board of Directors and members. It was the same reason that led LST to become a reliable academic social organization among Tianjin library workers. Throughout the years, LST has obtained satisfactory results in facilitating academic research, supporting the journal published by the Society, offering quality continuing education, cultivating specialized workers, enhancing external exchanges and expanding LST among others.
    1. Conduct academic research and exchange and stimulate an active academic atmosphere to promote the development of Tianjin library industry
    With the emphasis on academic research as its priority, LST endeavors to create as many opportunities to participate in academic research activities as possible for the membership so as to enhance their interest and ability in research, broaden their horizons and facilitate the performance of academic research on library science in Tianjin. The Society is committed to discovering and cultivating talents of library science, promoting academic exchange and invigorating Tianjin library science. Part of the activities are listed as below: the academic reports held multiple times a year that covered every aspect of the development of library science such as reform in library business and work and the automation development of libraries, imparting and exchanging the latest research fruits, new theories and development dynamics of library work, which won compliments and popularity among the membership; the academic symposiums and paper writing courses that created a favorable atmosphere for academic research, improved the general theoretical and paper writing abilities and accumulated practical experience and theoretical support for Tianjin library work on the whole; the exchanges with libraries in other provinces and cities and the group participation in global gatherings of the library world that increased the knowledge of LST on advanced experience of both domestic and foreign libraries as well as strengthened the communication and deepened the friendship between LST and the library circle around the globe.
    2. Offer quality training and education and emphasize the cultivation of specialized workers
    The key to implementing the strategy of rejuvenating China through science and technology is talents. The first essence of improving library work and developing library science is people. With these in mind, LST offered all kinds of training and education based on requirements for different phases of library development, emplacing a large number of qualified workers and significantly improving the holistic quality of professional library team.
    3. Set up the base for academic research and facilitate the prosperous development of library science
    From the date of the first publication in 1979, the Library Work and Study (LWS), co-produced by the Society, Tianjin Library and Tianjin Children’s Library, has been sustained by diligent work and cooperation of the editorial office and support from the membership and authors, during which it preserves its distinctive features and further enlarges its impact. LWS is constantly improving the editing and reviewing quality apart from keeping punctual issuance, which earns it reputation and publicity among readers. As the circulation of the journal stays at 4000 and above, it is regarded as a publication with relatively large circulation compared to its national and municipal counterparts in the same field. Moreover, it has been awarded honorary titles such as “National Chinese Core Journal”, “China Core Journal of Humanity and Sociology Sciences”, “China Excellent Journal on Library Science” and “Tianjin Outstanding Science Journal” by Chinese journal evaluation organizations for consecutive years, performed as the source journal of “Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI)” and “Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED)” and been collected in “Chinese Academic Journal (CD-version)”, “China Science and Technology Journal Database” of Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd and “Chinese Digital Journal Group” of Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.
    4. Enhance the organizational construction of LST and continuously enlarge the organization
    In order to enhance the organizational construction, LST emphasizes on increasing the membership. Up to now, there are altogether 952 LST members and 339 Library Society of China members. Young and middle-aged members account for above 70% of LST members, who are the main force of the work and academic research of the Society, undertaking the important mission of linking the last and the coming generations. Therefore, any young or middle-aged library worker who meets the admission requirements of LST will be encouraged to join LST. What’s more, rewards will go to such person for his or her nominated academic papers or publishing articles on LWS so as to accelerate his or her theoretical progress. Currently, LST has grown to be the backbone of Tianjin library industry and is playing an important role in every position of Tianjin library industry.
    The Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC has specified the direction and presented an excellent moment for the prosperous development of library industry. In the new era of the prosperous development of library industry, facing new situations and new missions, LST workers need to change their mindsets with wider visions and freer thoughts and improve working methods with enthusiasm, diligence, audacity and innovation. What’s more, the cohesive, cooperative, selfless and devoting spirits should be maintained in compensating the weaknesses with the strengths, mobilizing the holistic advantage and striving for development as one. The end is to make active contributions to the prosperity of academic research on library science and the library development in Tianjin!