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Library Work and Study (LWS) is a comprehensive academic journal on library science, collaboratively sponsored by Tianjin Library, Library Society of Tianjin and Tianjin Children’s Library among other organizations. The monthly journal printed in large sextodecimo and 128 pp is published on the fifteenth day of each month, distributed both in China and overseas via China Post.
    Centered on library science study, LWS embraces contributions from home and abroad, emphasizing the principle of combining sciences with knowledge, theories with practices and elevation with generalization. Based on reality and practices, it adapts to features of the information era and is committed to catching up with key points and hot issues in library industry as well as the latest academic achievements and development dynamics nationwide and worldwide.
    It has been operating columns such as “Academic Forum”, “Theoretical Research”, “Digital Network”, “Scientific Management”, “Informational Organization”, “Literature Research”, “Practical Platform” and “Children’ Book” since 2010.
    Through years of operation, LWS has earned polarity among readers and authors with a clear self-identification and distinct features. As a renowned publication nationwide in the field of library and information, it has been awarded honorary titles such as “National Chinese Core Journal”, “China Core Journal of Humanity and Sociology Sciences”, “China Excellent Journal on Library Science” and “Tianjin Outstanding Science Journal” by national journal evaluation organizations for consecutive years, performed as the source journal of “Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI)” and “Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED)” and been collected in “Chinese Academic Journal (CD-version)”, “China Science and Technology Journal Database” of Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd and “Chinese Digital Journal Group” of Wanfang Data Co., Ltd.

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