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Instructions for Authors

I. Requirements for Articles

1. The article for submission shall be original. LWS shall review each submitted article with Academic-misconduct Detection System. Where any problem is detected, the article will be rejected;

2. LWS has set format standards for articles according to national standards. All articles for submission shall conform to the above-said standards; non-conforming ones will be rejected.

Format standards of LWS are specified in “Library Work and Study Article Format”.

II. Submitting an Article

Online Submission and Inquiry System:

Processes: go to the website→register→read the submission guidelines of online editorial system→submit an article

Please Note: authors are required not to register with QQ Mailbox because it may hinder reader-editor communications; is for communications between readers and editors but not for submitting articles.

III. Review and Response

1. LWS implements the three-round review policy in a strict manner and only articles approved by each round will be accepted;

2. In general, the review will take approximately 20 workdays and you will be promptly informed of the result in the case of either rejection or acceptance. In the event that no response is received within 20 workdays since the submission, you may call 022-23620095 or send an email to (the reader-editor communication mailbox) for inquiry. Please don’t make inquiry via calls or emails within 20 workdays. Thank you for your understanding and support.

IV. Copyright Transfer Agreement

1. Each author of the paper for publication shall enter into with LWS the Copyright Transfer Agreement. The publication will be arranged only after the reception of the Copyright Transfer Agreement and the copy of the author’s ID card;

2. Please send the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement together with the copy of your ID card to the editorial office. You may download the Copyright Transfer Agreement in Online Submission and Inquiry System of LWS. To protect your rights and interests, please add pen-written notes on the copy of your ID card in the form of “mm/dd/yyyy for copyright transfer use only” without covering the name, photo and ID number.

V. Solemn Statement on Fraud in the Name of Library Work and Study

Recently, LWS discovered on the Internet that a few organizations and individuals of ghostwriting listed LWS into their services, pricing as high as thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan; and several organizations and individuals posted invitations for article contribution on the Internet in the name of LWS for illegal purposes;

LWS is sticking to the principle of lawful and scrupulous operation all the way and publication quality to LWS is what life to human. If you have any doubt in submitting your article to LWS, please contact the editorial office directly. LWS does not and will never assign the editing and publication businesses to any other organization or individual agent or authorize other organizations or individuals to send emails. LWS has no relationship with any organization or individual that claims to be the agent of LWS publication or offers ghostwriting services or posts invitations for article contribution on the Internet in the name of LWS. Please don’t believe any information on arrangement for paper publication on LWS from any third party. To preserve the legal rights of you and LWS, please contact LWS directly as soon as possible if you have received such information.