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Education Resources

China Education and Research Network (CERNET) 
    The CERNET is a nationwide academic computer network funded by the Chinese government, managed by the Chinese Ministry of Education and constructed and operated by Tsinghua and other leading Chinese universities. Boasting a strong academic atmosphere, it is featured by education resources, academic research and academic journals.
    China Education Information Platform:   
    China Education Information Platform is an education portal constructed by the Education Management Information Centre, Ministry of Education, providing comprehensive services for students, teachers, families, schools and enterprises by displaying columns such as Latest Dynamics that covering Chinses and foreign education, Teaching & Study Zone, Students’ Community, Parents’ Time. It helps elevate the quality of the whole people and bring Chinese education into international competition for the world to see.
    China Education Online    
    China Education Online is a comprehensive information service platform focusing on educational and entertaining content and basic communication services such as text message, mailbox. It will launch an online edutainment supermarket to offer the informational and functional services to CERNET users and others in an easier way.
    China Higher-education Information Network
    China Higher-education Information Net is a professional network of higher-education, aimed at providing full-scale higher-education information. It offers netizens all sorts of higher-education information from an objective perspective, from that of state-own and privately-run HEI systems to that of military and party-school education.
    Primary and Secondary Education and Teaching Network (K12 Education Network for short) 
    So far, it is a classic website for teaching exchange of Chinese primary and secondary schools. The contents cover almost all relevant information in every way, including courseware, teaching plans, handouts and examinations. Specifically, it is divided into teachers’ channel, students’ channel, parents’ channel, news center among others.
    China Basic Education Network:
    China Basic Education Network is a professional service platform co-founded by the National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development, Ministry of Education and Beijing Normal University, targeting nationwide workers, students, parents within basic education. As a comprehensive website in the field of China's basic education, it has already completed 12 subject channels, specifically Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, politics, biology, history, geography, P.E., art education, information education and major columns such as “Education News”, “Curriculum Reform”, “Admission Counseling”, “Administrative Management”, “Educational Supplies”, “Education Community”, and also established curriculum standard library, curriculum resource library, software material library, teaching and research library among other resource databases.
    Tsinghua Online School
    Open in July 2000, “Tsinghua Online School” is the teaching and management platform of Tsinghua University distance education. It taps into the advantages of the Internet in distance education and is offering more than 50 online courses so far. With the help of “Online School”, students of distance education are allowed to register, elect courses, counsel teachers, download courseware and submit assignments online. With more than ten thousand students presently and more than 500,000 online clicks since the open date, the website is showing the trend of Internet-based teaching and education administration
    Online Renmin University of China (the Online Education Institute of Renmin University of China)
    Established in 1998, the Online Education Institute of Renmin University of China is one of the earliest online education institutions among Chinese higher education institutions. In 2000, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Online Education Institute of Renmin University of China officially began the enrollment, taking in nearly ten thousand students who would complete their higher education only by online education and thus blazing a trail for China's Internet education. Currently, the Online Education Institute of Renmin University of China has started the nationwide fall enrollment, the levels of which including specialized higher education students applying for regular higher education, senior middle-school graduates applying for specialized or regular higher education, and the majors covering finance, accounting, international trade, business management, marketing, public finance and taxation and public utility management. The graduate who get an average score of 75 and above for all courses, pass required English examinations and whose academic dissertation gets approved will be awarded the diploma of Renmin University of China that is recognized by Chinese officials. The graduate eligible for certain requirements will be given the bachelor’s degree of Renmin University of China.
    101 Distance Education Network: 
    101 Distance Education Network was founded by Beijing 101 Middle School and Beijing Gaotuo Company in September 1996 as the first distance education network of primary and secondary education in China. It offers all the main courses for the sixth grade of primary schools and every grade of junior and senior high schools, as well as math Olympiad courses for the third grade to the six grade of primary schools. With online columns such as Synchronous Education, Q&A, Q&A Sharing, Teaching Plan, Student Forum, Writing Space, Parent School, Senior High School and College Entrance Examinations, Multimedia Class, Student Psychology and Computer Era, it brings high school students a new environment and way of learning. The courses are served by more than a hundred outstanding teachers, each available for online teaching.
    Beijing No.4 High School (BHSF) Online Education:   
    BHSF Online Education is a professional service company of online education and technology, invested and cofounded by BHSF, TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited and Nanyang Education Development Group among others. As a part of BHSF distance education, it offers distance teaching and tutoring accessible to nationwide high school students.
    CSCSE.EDU.CN is a specialized website for oversea study developed and constructed by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange. It has been committed to consultation services for Chinese students and scholars studying abroad, international students studying in China, verification of oversea diplomas and degrees, international education exchange and cooperation etc.
    New Oriental Online:
    New Oriental Online offers the latest and accurate information of examination dynamics and hotspots and trends in education and training. It provides Chinese Mainland students who are preparing for oversea study and other examinations and English learners with the hottest and most needed online training courses, as well as customized and intelligent full-course instructions.