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Professional Search

CNKI Knowledge Search   
    It is a comprehensive academic literature information searching engine launched by China Academic Journal (CD version) Electronic Publishing House that provides professional search of full-text literature, analytical statistics, academic terminology definitions, academic pictures, E-C and C-E translation of terminologies and academic development hotspots and trends among others.
    Law Library   
    It offers full-text reading of more than 200,000 laws and regulations released since 1949, including all of the NPC laws, laws and regulations of the State Council, judicial interpretations and major regulations of ministries and committees
    China Patent Information Inquiry System  
    Developed and supported by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C and China Patent Information Center, this authoritative system collects Chinese patent information recorded since 1985. Inquiry may be performed through 11 entrances such as patent application number, application date, publication number, publication date, IPC classification code and abstract with full-text instructions available
    U.S. Patent Database    
    It is an online search system of U.S. patent database produced by United States Patent and Trademark Office, covering search of all full-text data since January 1st 1976, data of scanned images since 1790 and recent relevant patent applications. Supported search methods include general search, advanced search and searches by patent number with full texts available
    Espacenet Patent Database   
    Established by the European Patent Office, this patent document database offers free access to patent search of worldwide patent information and PCT patent published by WIPO based on the collection of European Patent Office
    Full-text search of Science   
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)