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Resources Open Access

Chinese Preprint Service System
    Co-founded by Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) and National Science and Technology Library with the aim of providing preprints of document resources, Chinese Preprint Service System is a real-time academic exchange system comprised of domestic preprint service sub-system and Chinese-Danish Preprint Collaboration Project (SINDAP). The domestic preprint service sub-system mainly collects preprinted articles voluntarily submitted by domestic technological workers, containing functions such as secondary literature search, full-text browse and commenting. SINDAP was developed by ISTIC in collaboration with Danish Technology Center, which realizes one-stop search of worldwide preprint document resources. With the help of SINDAP, one search will trigger searches on 16 globally renowned preprint systems and acquire the full-text preprint provided by correspondent system. Up to now, SINDAP contains about 800,000 records of secondary literature preprints.
    Sciencepaper Online
    Sciencepaper Online, a website approved by Ministry of Education, PRC, is sponsored by the Center for Science and Technology Development of the Ministry of Education. This science paper website was established to handle the widely criticized problems among R&D wokers such as long period of paper publication and failure to protect innovative thoughts and experimental approaches in copy editing, which impede effective and prompt exchange of new scientific thoughts and rapid transform of technological results into actual productivity. Presently the website columns include “Publishing Paper Online”, “Outstanding Scholars & the Major Works”, “Selected Papers”, “Awarded Projects & the Major Works”, “Technological Journals”, “Paper Database Links” etc
    e-Print arXiv
    Funded by National Science Foundation, United States and U.S. Department of Energy, this repository of electronic preprints is located in Los Alamos National Laboratory, covering 280,000 preprints altogether in the fields of physics, mathematics, nonlinear mathematics and computer science. After editing the papers according to certain format, researchers submit their papers to correspondent category by subject via the Internet, e-mail, etc. Submitted papers could be commented by peers anytime and anywhere, which may also be refuted by the authors. As a valued reference to scientific researchers, e-print arXiv contributes greatly to accelerating the communication and exchange of scientific research results, assisting researchers in following the latest research progress in their fields and avoiding overlapping research.
    Produced by Lund University Libraries, Sweden, the directory of open access journals contains exclusively academic and research journals. Up till the end of April 2006, it has collected more than 2200 open access journals and more than 95400 open access papers, covering 17 subject domains such as agriculture & food science, biology & life sciences, chemistry, history & archeology, law & politics and languages & literature
    HighWire Press
    As one of the largest free full-text database of scientific literature worldwide, it provides more than 110,000 full-text papers for free and 181 journals for free search, mainly including core journals in the fields of physics, biology, medical science and sociology, among which 71 are available for full-text access
    PMC(PubMed Central)
    It is an open archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Current collection of journals is 245 (May 2006) and most of the full texts are available for immediate and free access.
    BMC(BioMed Central)
    The independent publisher is committed to providing open access of peer-reviewed research journals and papers of biology and medical science.