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Historical Document Department

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It is mainly responsible for the custody, collection, management, circulation, advocacy, development and publication of the historical documents (including the ancient string-bound books and the Chinese and foreign language books published during the period of the Republic of China) published before 1949. Provide the following services outside the library: 1. Daily reading services: to provide readers with general library literature; 2. The projects advisory services: to check the projects and provide relevant literature according to the needs of the organization or an individual; 3. Projects Cooperation: to finish the project tasks through cooperation agreed by both sides. 4, Copying, Scanning and camera services: to provide related services according to the needs of readers; 5. Special services: in particular, we have replication and rehabilitation services for ancient and modern literature, and exhibits production services etc. Under the Cultural Center Sub-Library, there are reading areas of historical literature, modern literature and local literature.

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