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New Technology Application Department

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Sharing Project Office of Tianjin Library        

It is mainly responsible for management and maintenance of the Tianjin library network, database and all business automation system, microfilming literature shooting works and building of digital microfilming literature. The bodies: 1. Computer Networks Management Center: it is responsible for the maintenance of the whole computer network system of the Library, including the internal LAN, external network and safe interconnections between Tianjin Library and other libraries; the debugging, operation and maintenance, and technical support of the whole business system; the secure maintenance of all data in the Library; the technical support and maintenance of the digital library, sharing projects, public digital reading room and so on; the support and maintenance of the unified services of Tianjin public libraries. 2. Microfilming Center: a key member of China National Microfilming Center for Library Resources, which boasts of technical and operational capacities such as microfilming shooting and digital microfilming; it has remarkable results in the production, service and use of microfilming; it has the ability to manage microfilming shooting, tape digitalization and other process works.

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