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Exhibitions of Ancient Books Protection in Tianjin
Me and Ancient Chinese Books Overview I Overview II Overview III Preface
Work of the Ancient Book Restoration Center of TJL Exhibition I Exhibition II Exhibition III Exhibition IV
Artistic Technique Exhibitions Rubbing I Rubbing II Rubbing III Engraving I
Engraving II Engraving III Restoration I Restoration II
Restoration III Restoration IV Restoration V Restoration VI
Protection Work of Other Units Heping District Library I Heping District Library II Nankai University Library I Nankai University Library II
Nankai District Library Tianjin Normal University Library I Tianjin Normal University Library II Tianjin University Library
Tianjin Museum I Tianjin Museum II Wuqing District Library Health Science Library
Party School of Tianjin Municipal Committee of CPC Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Library    


Photography Exhibition of Me and Ancient Chinese Books
First Prize for Amateurs I First Prize for Amateurs II First Prize for Amateurs III First Prize for Amateurs IV First Prize for Amateurs V
Second Prize for Amateurs I Second Prize for Amateurs II Second Prize for Amateurs III Second Prize for Amateurs IV Second Prize for Amateurs V
Third Prize for Amateurs I Third Prize for Amateurs II Third Prize for Amateurs III Third Prize for Amateurs IV Third Prize for Amateurs V
Third Prize for Amateurs VI First Prize for Professionals I First Prize for Professionals II Second Prize for Professionals I Second Prize for Professionals II
Third Prize for Professionals I Third Prize for Professionals II Third Prize for Professionals III Third Prize for Professionals IV Tibet
Buddhist Scriptures in Caves and in Shoe Shape Xu Xingke (image version) Xu Xingke (text version) Preface poster